Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dining Room Server Redo

After a long and rather un-fulfilling search for a reasonably priced server/buffet/credenza/sideboard/whatever, I finally found one that fit the bill at the Salvation Army. She wasn't in bad shape, but she wasn't necessarily going to win any beauty pageants like this --- especially with those grimy hinges and hardware.

Given that this was my first ever paint job, I clearly had no clue what I was doing. Please disregard all streak marks :)

Now we have a place to store all our fine china!

Cost Breakdown:
Server = $60
Hardware = $23
2 cans of primer = $10
3 cans of spray paint = $9
Total Cost = $102

If I may say so, I think it's much better than the $250 particleboard hot-mess sideboard I was eyeballing at Ikea. :)


  1. Ok, so I LOVE the job you did on this- I have a piece similar to this that I've been trying to convince my dear hubby that I should do something with! But, I really love the fact that you have Dominion for fine china! We do too!!

  2. Dominion is my FAVORITE game! No one ever asks me what game I want to play because they already know the answer and don't want to get suckered into 3-4 rounds of Dominion :)