Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flowery Goodness

I couldn't sleep the night before last, so I made a pillow.

To create this pillow I followed this simple tutorial over at Design*Sponge which shows you how to sew a zipper onto a pillow. Once I had my pillow stuffed, I got to work on the felt flowers.

First, you want to cut circles out of your felt. One sheet of felt produced about 6 circles. I haphazardly cut out the circles, it doesn't matter if they aren't perfect.
Next, I folded each circle into fours creating a nice little scrunched petal and stitch the bottom to keep its shape.
Once you have all of your little scrunched petals you want to gather about 5-6 petals and stitched them all together to form a bunch. I then attached tiny safety pins to the back of the bunch.
Finally, just pin the flowers onto the pillow. Tah-Dah!

Cost Breakdown
1/2 yard of fabric = $7
16" zipper = $1.50
3 sheets of felt = $1
pillow form = $3
TOTAL COST = $12.50
The fabric is called Courtyard Pumpkin and was purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Sorry, but I couldn't find it on their website.

Looking back at my receipt they charged me for a full yard of fabric instead of 1/2 yard. Clearly I need to pay more attention at the register because this isn't the first time they do this. Their entire fabric checkout system needs to be reworked. Bah!




  1. Love those little rosettes! They look like the rosettes that anthropologie used in their holiday gift wrapping last year!

  2. When I can't sleep, I watch QVC and eat ice cream... I wish I was more like you, this pillow is too cute!!

  3. @Kate - I just googled anthropologie's 2009 gift wrapping, and they do look alike!

    @Nikki - Thank you :)

    @Kasey - I've been up all night and so far all I've done is eat ice cream and watch Investigation Discovery. Seems like the productivity bug has moved on to another person :/

  4. Hey Gaby, just wanted to let you know I FEATURED this pillow today. Good job, and feel free to come get a button. THANKS SO MUCH for linking up, and hope to have you back again every Tuesday :)