Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kitchen Pantry

So when we moved in to our brand spanking new house the pantry was pretty miserable. She was our very first project!

Two shelves were missing, and you can't really tell in this picture but none of the shelves were actually level.

We started by knocking out all the shelves, applying joint compound VERY liberally, sanding it down, and painting her bright white.

We headed to Lowe's and bought some shelves, brackets, and screws.

Then I bought some wire baskets from Ikea for a little extra storage. The depth of our pantry is about 12in, which for a pantry is nothing! The wire baskets were just over 12in so we had to take wire cutters and chop off the lip on the baskets so they would fit.
And this is my stocked and ridiculously crammed pantry.
Don't mind all the cereal and breakfast foods. My partner in crime for life swore Honey Nut Cherrios and Oatmeal were his favorite, but then we moved in together and I started buying my two favorites (Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) in addition to his. Now he won't touch his Cherrios or Oatmeal, he just eats my cereal. And well, we just really like pancakes. No excuse for that one.

I wanted to give a cost breakdown for this little endeavor, but then I looked at the Lowe's receipt and realized I am wayyyyyy too embarrassed to divulge just how much we spent on this. I'm seriously ashamed. It definitely was not thrifty.


  1. It may not have been thrifty, BUT it will make your life SO much easier for years to come. AND if you are ever done with the house, the next owners will be really happy with it too!

  2. Shannon, each time we go over budget we just tell us ourselves it's increasing the value of the house. Whether it's true or not, it lets us sleep at night! lol

  3. I really like this...not everything can be thrifty, its more important that its awesome.
    What you did was so simple and yet it looks awesome. Maybe eventually you can add some baskets or pretty glass containers. It makes me wish I had a pantry to redo!

  4. Thank you! I did recently buy some containers, but since the pantry is so shallow I can't really store them in there. For now they are sitting on our kitchen cart looking pretty.