Thursday, February 17, 2011

Half Bath Update

Work on the half bath is happily progressing, albeit rather slowly.

Saturday we laid the cement board and Sunday we began tiling. We tiled well into the late evening when we realized our neighbors might not enjoy the roar of the tile saw at 10pm. So she sits awaiting for the more technical cuts around the door to be cut.

I took this picture around midnight so the lighting sucked. I'm sure the fact that it's an iPhone picture also contributes to the suckiness in quality. I tend to drain and never charge the battery/spare batteries of both of my digital cameras. And that is so not a good representation of the tile color.

Next topic of business...

I don't know if you thrifty bloggers have already taken advantage of this deal... but Lowe's has a pretty sweet promotion going on right now, the Lowe's Tax Refund Card.

Essentially, you buy a Tax Refund Card with a starting amount between $500 - $4,000 and on March 18th Lowe's will credit 10% of the original card amount to your card. In my case I bought a $600 card, so on March 18th $60 will be credited to my card. It's not a trillion bucks, but it will at least buy me a couple gallons of paint. But if you happen to be the lucky owner of a 10% off coupon from Lowe's or Home Depot you can double your profit! (That was your cue to get a change of address packet from the post office)

If only I had known about this promotion 3 weeks ago, I could have banked some serious dough. By the time this promotion rolled around we had already dropped one thousand bones at Lowe's buying tiling supplies and 3 new toilets.

I have tons of projects in the works with none completed thanks to the insane amount of schoolwork and time I've had to dedicate to schooling this past week. C'est la vie!

Did you buy a Tax Refund Card? If so, what are you going to use it for?

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