Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Look What I found!

Craig and his List finally came through! After months and months of scouring posts and emailing strangers I finally got my grubby little hands on a mid-century modern credenza!

I was so excited to get her that I practically carried her out without paying the guy. He had to remind me fork over the money first. Doh.

This is what 75 clams got me.

 Isn't she beautiful??
I love how you open the drawers!

She also has these really cool bronze insets on each corner. I have no clue how to pop them off though. I so don't want to paint over them!

While giving her a good clean with some Clorox wipes, her coat of poly started to come off..... Ugh Oh.

These are some pictures her ex-owner sent me before our cash exchange rendezvous went down.

I already bought primer and paint. I want to tackle her today.right now.this instant. But I don't know how to get those damn insets off.

I still can't believe I actually found something awesome on Craigslist! The guy originally wanted a C-note ($100), but I bartered with him and we finally agreed on 75 clams.

Have you found anything great on Craigslist recently??

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