Monday, February 7, 2011


We are in the midst of an all out project fest. Last night Eric said (and I quote) "That's it we are limiting ourselves to one project at a time, I don't even want to come home anymore!"

My sentiments exactly.

We (mainly, me) are working on 5 fairly HUGE projects at once. the half bath and master bathroom, the stairs, painting the basement, and painting a new credenza.

The pictures suck. I used my iPhone. Too lazy to grab digicam.
What you see when you open the front door

Removing linoleum
Ready for some tile
The kitchen mess
More kitchen mess
The dog perched upon kitchen mess
The stairs that I am slowly refinishing... very slowly.
Bathroom vanity being painted in the living room and the bathroom sink just hanging out
Cabinets drying after a coat of paint... right in front of the tv, for your viewing pleasure :)
Shoot me now.

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