Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree

Our tree is up and presents are wrapped.

This is actually the first year I put up a tree since moving to Maryland 3 years ago. I've accumulated a few ornaments here and there and recently purchased a couple packs, but I think I still need more.

Anyways she looks pretty naked barren.

I've done the color coordinated red and gold tree before, but lately I've been feeling a little more adventurous and loved all the whimsical ornaments I've been finding at vintage stores and Macy's in particular.

I was having a hard time getting a picture of the full tree, so here's a peak at the skirt I picked up at Michael's for $20. It's made out of felt and has bells and puff balls attached to it, but the presents are covering most of it.

I picked up the flower at a vintage shop the year before last (told you I've been accumulating ornaments lol) for about $7. I bought the house ornament to commemorate the purchase of our first house. In gold marker I wrote on the bottom of the ornament "Our 1st home 2010" and included our address for hopefully future generations to see.

Below the house is an ornament of a Bichon Frise I found last year (again, I've been collecting them) in honor of my little man.

 See the resemblance??

I found a lion and an owl at Macy's. They were about $2-4 each. Pretty f-ing cute if you ask me :)
I also found a robot!
And a Baltimore cityscape ornament in honor of the area we live in. We don't live in Baltimore, but it's 15 minutes away. When anyone from out of town asks, we pretty much say Baltimore...

And here are a few more vintage ornaments I found.

Hopefully after Christmas when all the leftover Christmas stuff gets heavily discounted I can find some more ornaments. Crossing my fingers.

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