Friday, December 10, 2010

Someone Take the Computer Away From Me!

What started out as a mission to find heavily discounted Ugg boots to keep my toes warm, ended with me blowing $40 on fabric.

1 - Island to Island Cotton Fabric $2.99/yd
2 - Waverly Cross Section Charcoal $7.18/yd
3 - Premier Prints ZigZag Kelso Brown/French Blue $5.58/yd
4 - Poppy Fields on Orange Cotton Fabric $2.99/yd

Fabrics #1,3, & 4 I plan to use for throw pillows (in different rooms of course). Fabric #2 is destined for a headboard.

I have my heart set on a tufted headboard, but I don't know if the pattern of fabric #2 will look good with tufts. What do you think?


  1. I love the #2 fabric but wonder if the beauty of the tufts will be lost in the print. Most of the tufted headboards I'm drawn to are made from solids...maybe google for inspiration photos and that may lead you to an answer. Good luck...and as always, post photos :)

  2. I tried googling patterned fabric and tufted headboards, but nothing relevant came up. I think the pattern might be slightly larger than it appears in the picture so it might work.

    I just got a shipping confirmation from the fabric people so we'll find out soon if it will work!