Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crunch Time

pro·cras·ti·nate   verb \prə-ˈkras-tə-ˌnāt, prō-\
pro·cras·ti·nat·ed       pro·cras·ti·nat·ing
transitive verb: what Gaby intentionally and habitually does to put off intentionally and habitually
intransitive verb: to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done my new name

pro·cras·ti·na·tion \-ˌkras-tə-ˈnā-shən\ noun
pro·cras·ti·na·tor \-ˈkras-tə-ˌnā-tər\ noun

The origin of PROCRASTINATE comes the Latin word procrastinatus, from pro- forward + crastinus of tomorrow.  

There always come a point in the time-line of our lives when it becomes quite apparent that we suck at schedules. Then you realize the two months you originally gave yourself to finish a million projects has just turned into one month due to the above mentioned procrastination. Now you're going to have to work like a dog to get everything done in time. Absolutely magnificant. Please note the sarcasm in the use of a (.) instead of an (!).

Without further ado, here's the list of crap that needs to get done before January 31st. Why, the 31st you may ask? Because my last semester of nursing school starts on February 1st and them professors aren't taking any prisoners. Boo.

  • Lots and lots of throw pillows
  • Finish LR roman shades
  • Fix office roman shade that I totally screwed up
  • Paint basement
  • Sand/paint fireplace surround/mantel
  • Paint basement hallway
  • Hang mirror in entryway
  • Paint telephone table
  • Finish upholstering telephone table cushion
  • Touch up paint powder room
  • Built in shelves for power room
  • Touch up paint basement guest bedroom
  • Remove tape from ceiling in basement guest bedroom
  • Drywall inside of basement closet
  • Paint basement closet
  • Install new laundry tub in laundry closet
  • Mount drying rack to wall in laundry closet
  • Paint stripes in guest bedroom wall
  • Paint/caulk guest bathroom mirror
  • Take down Christmas tree and chuck it
  • Create a Christmas ornament storage-box-container-holder-type-thing
  • Paint shelves for office
  • Hang shelves for office
  • Reassemble and paint coffee table
  • Add length to shower curtain
  • Fix copper pipe in shower that isn't secured in place and causes the shower caddy to slip and shampoo to fall on my head
  • Paint around light fixture in guest bathroom
  • Paint master bathroom
  • Sand/paint master bathroom cabinet
  • Repair master bathroom toilet
  • Change electrical crap in master bathroom
  • Change tub spout and valve in guest bathroom
  • Change valve in master bathroom shower
  • Hang glass shelves in master bathroom
  • Fix over-the-door rack in master bathroom so the door can actually close
  • Buy supplies for basement guest bedroom headboard
  • Upholster headboard for basement guest bedroom
I'll probably add to this list as I think of more things to do. The works starts next Tuesday. Hopefully.

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