Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Downside of Owning a Home

Just thought I'd keep it real. This is what my house looks like right now at this very moment thanks to our toilet overflow snafu that occurred last week. The house still remains in disarray because we had to wait for an insurance adjuster to come out and see for himself the damage. The water restoration company we contracted ended up ripping out the baseboards, removing the carpet padding, and cutting holes into our ceiling to clean up all the water.

The bathroom where it all began
Dining room all cleared out
The holes they made to dry out the subfloors and the water stains left behind on the ceiling.

You can see how the carpet dips a little without the padding underneath - hence the unevenness of the floor.

Living room with the dining table, chairs, and buffet. Do notice the pine needles everywhere. We had just taken down the Christmas and didn't have a chance to vacuum before the flood.
Living room mess, everything that wasn't furniture sort of just got chucked into this space... including the dog.
Half bathroom baseboard mess

The view of the basement as you enter our split level foyer. Everything that was in the basement storage area had to be cleared out.

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen? Pleeeeease tell me I'm not the only one!


  1. Oh girl! I thought I was looking at pictures of my own house just now! Seriously! Especially the missing baseboards! Haha! Erin at

  2. Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one who lived like this! I want to clean it up so badly, but it's such a daunting task and I'm way lazy right now.