Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junk in the Trunk

That's what was in my trunk last night after a thrift shop run. Junk.

I found some more junk, but I had to practice self restraint. Really, what was I going to do with a landscape painting of trees for $3? Granted, it was an original canvas painting with no frame for CHEAP.... but come on... trees? My inner conscience keep screaming at me "that doesn't fit the decor in your house, Gaby!!" Alas, I surrendered and put it down.

This is all the crap that I found and did bring home.

1. Wine Chiller from Sharper Image.... this thing retails for $100, I got it for $5!!
2. Lamp Base ... $5 and totally perfect for the guest bedroom.
3. Bronze candelabra... $1 but needs a good cleaning.
4. Christmas tree cloche... $1.50
5. Roll of textured wallpaper... $3 ... omg omg omg omg, SCORE!

For the GRAND TOTAL of $16.53!


  1. I could have written a post just like this! :) Infact, I have the match to the bronze candelabra!! :) Fun times!

  2. Our candelabra's could be long lost twins!

  3. What a great find! I love a good thrifty find.

  4. I :::HEART::: thrift store scores!! congrats and enjoy!

  5. @ Renee and raw potatoes - I love thrifty finds too!!! The wine chiller alone got me crazy excited!