Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keep 'Em Comin'

I've slowly been making a dent in my cabinet door surplus by repurposing them into wall art. Here is yet another installment.

I hung these bad boys in the master bedroom right by the master bathroom. The intention is that random clothes that get thrown on the floor will get hung up instead. A girl can only hope.

Here's an action shot of our robes and hats hanging out.

A couple close up's of the knobs I used.

And a side profile just for kicks.

3 cabinet doors ( from Ikea)
white semi-gloss paint
6 knobs (from Michael's)
wrapping paper
drill with bits

Ignore the huge "E" and "G" letters. That idea didn't work out.

I started off by giving each cabinet door about 6 coats of paint. The painters pryramids mentioned above are the absolute best thing ever invented. Hands down. I suggest every one should invest in some! But watching paint dry for hours not so much fun. After it dried I drilled pilot holes for my knobs and screwed in some D-ring hangers onto the back each door. Then I Mod Podged the wrapping paper onto the front. After they were dry I screwed in the knobs and hung them up.

The wrapping paper kept wrinkling all over the door, but then I found out the trick to getting it on without wrinkles. Too bad I figured it out on the third cabinet door. The trick is to apply the Mod Podge to the paper and then let it dry for like a minute until it's tacky to touch - NOT wet. Then you just lay it down and flatten it out. You should now have little to no wrinkles!

See, no wrinkles!

3 cabinet doors from Ikea = $5
Wrapping paper (Hobby Lobby) = $5
6 knobs (Michael's) = $5 (used coupon and got them for 80cents each)
6 d-ring hangers = $4
semi-gloss white paint = already had
Mod Podge = already had



  1. Pretty! I like the pattern you chose! Great way to reuse something you would normally throw out!

  2. Thanks Lisa! Hobby Lobby had tons of other designs, it was hard to pick one!

  3. Those are AWESOME!! I love those knobs! Need them.

  4. Those are nice! I get my knobs at Hobby Lobby too, they have plenty to choose form, I can never just go in and get one or two!

  5. This is really neat! Great job!

  6. First of all, totally cool project. I would never have thought of this! I think it turned out great. Second, Hobby Lobby? I'm so jealous. I went to one once while visiting relatives in Missouri (or maybe Oklahoma). I've never heard of one hear in California. Perhaps I should google and find out their nearest location. I loved the store.

  7. i didn't know you lived in the area! where? i am in severna park. anywho, i didn't paint my dresser outside- i just take pics outside as the look better. i only sand outside and then use zero voc and low voc paint and primer so that i can paint inside. :)
    love this project by the way and those knobs from michael's are awesome!

  8. Amy - I got the knobs at Michael's from the $1 bin. I also had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon, so I got them for 80cents each. Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Katie - Thank you!

    @ Sherryd - Isn't the knob section at Hobby Lobby so overwhelming!! I love it!

    @ Lianne - Thank you!

    @ Debbie - Thank you! The Hobby Lobby near me just recently opened (I wanna say about 2 months ago). I had never been to one before because I didn't think there were any in my area. I hope you can find a store nearby!

    @ Cassie - I'm in Howard County, Columbia to be exact. I have so much furniture I want to paint, but I'm terrified to use a paintbrush on it. I still don't know how you can sand outside, it's freezing out there! I saw these knobs in the $1 section and grabbed every single last one. I came home with 9 knobs and no idea what to do with them! So far I have 2 knobs left!

  9. just adorable!!!!!! Fabulous idea! Linked up from Beyond the Picket Fence.

  10. Hi Kelly! I'm glad you found my blog, thanks for stopping by!